ProductImageCitizensCreate! Have completed their latest project Sound Local, central Kentucky music compilation. We had the honor of participating along w/ several other great bands.

You can order your online here.

Here is the lineup:

1.  Brand New-Idaho, Alaska 2.  John Brown-Tenth House
3.  But I Do-Dock Steffey 4.  Table For One-Down Jupiter
5.  Old Tall Cedar-Hurley Ridge 6.  Scars-EYESUPONUS
7.  Fast Horses-The Burgoo Kings 8.  Stale Air-Spooky Qs
9.  The Clock Restarts-Steve Katsikas 10.  Happenstance-Rick Hudson
11.  The Old Man Has Gone-LaMay & Reese 12.  Evermore-Toni Melton
13.  Sleeping Under City Lights-Chad Glasser