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Trailer for girl/girl scene


So as we mentioned a few weeks ago, our very own Jack Cofer is acting in a new web series called girl/girl scene. Spooky Qs also contributed most of the music for the 1st episode. Here is the trailer for your viewing enjoyment!!

“Thats right i did a Q&A!”-Seith


I sat down with Neely Pennington, and talked about every thing from what we are doing in the next year to my feeling about the Lexington music scene.

Read all about it.

Looking for a t-shirt design!!


Alright guys, here’s the deal:

We’re going on our first tour in May from the 21st – 31st. We need t-shirts to sell and do not want to recycle the design from the Winterband shirts.

We need a talented artist to come up with a new logo. We require a single screen print design, you can also choose the color of the t-shirt to compliment your image. The name of our band must be in the design somewhere.

Please send your results to with no less than a 300 dpi resolution by MARCH 1st!

March 2nd we have a band meeting set up specifically to discuss which logo we will go through with.

Good luck and we look forward to your submissions!!

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