This weekend we were interviewed by Meredeth Heil and Amber Schaefer who are spending their summer filming queer southern bands for their documentary “Whistling Dixie.”

Here is the description from the films website:

“Whistlin’ Dixie invites the viewer to travel along as filmmaker Meredith Heil explores American’s Southern heartland in search of queer sound. The film journeys through the region’s independent, queer lo-fi scene, tracking down the LGBTQ musicians, fans and activists that are actively using DIY music to build safe spaces and strike down prejudices, therein altering the political and social climate of the new South for generations to come. Through personal interview, rich landscapes and riveting performance, the film considers the complex historical relationship between Southern music, personal identity and political resistance. “

Meredith and Amber also hung out with us for the weekend and we got to show them all of the beautiful things about the horse capital of the world :)