Hey everyone! I know it’s been awhile since we last updated but rest assurred, it’s because we’ve been hard at work on a couple of projects that are coming to a close. We’ve sent our second EP Rid of You off to be pressed. We’re ordering 100 vinyl copies and hand screen printing the covers so you best believe they’re going to look rad! The album will have six songs on it: baby calm down, when you want to, walk away, rid of you, mr. money and disco to death.

We’ve also been working to write a cover album of early resistance music. We chose to define resistance music loosely as songs that depict survival, struggle and perseverance of the human spirit. We decided to focus on “early” music because 1. We thought it would be fun to discover resistance music from the 1930′s, 1920′s and earlier, and 2. We wanted to make these songs accessible to modern day listeners.From our research we’ve settled on the following 12 songs:

1. The Red Flag by Jim Connell 1889

2. Bread and Roses by James Oppenheim 1911

3. Get off the track by the Hutchinson family singers 1844

4. Which side are you on? Written by Florence Reece 1931

5. Hard time killing floor blues by Skip James 1931

6. Johnny I hardly knew ye – early 19th century

7. A las barricadas by Valeriano Orobon Fernandez in 1936

8. Undzer shtetl brent! (our town is burning!) by Mordecais Gebirtig 1936

9. Follow the drinking gourd – pre American civil war

10. Maculine women, feminine men by Edgar Leslie 1925

11. B.D (bull dagger) woman’s blues by Bessie Jackson 1935

12. Keep woman in her sphere by D. Estabrook pre women’s suffrage (US)

We’re really close to finishing the writing and getting ready to start recording. This has been a really exciting project for us. We’ve learned a lot and can’t wait to share our work with all of you! Stay tuned!