If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, i.e. you want to book us, you’re writing a review and need information etc. – feel free to reach us at the following email address.


spookyqs[at]gmail dot com

For Booking:

You may contact us at the above email and address, or through our website. You may also view our electronic press kit here: View Spooky Qs’s EPK.


  • Marta (2733 days)

    hi there,

    i’m writing about the gallery on your site that doesn’t want to move up and everyone has to scroll down to see it;
    to fix displaying the gallery try to remove (or just comment out) lines looking like this “clear: both;” near the lines 15 and 118 in the file stored here:

    hope this helps :)

  • Spooky Qs (2727 days)

    Thank you so much Marta, it worked :)


  • Otis96 (386 days)

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