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  • Brian Kirst (2869 days)

    Hey, nice to meet you at Flesh Hungry Dog – I just posted the below review at! Hope you like it! BK

    Review: Spooky Q’s – Winterband (CD). By Brian Kirst

    Like gypsy vampire hunters surrounded by Devo synths, the Spooky Q’s prove themselves to be one of the most inventive bands around on their debut EP Winterband. Utilizing twinkling keyboards, layered vocals, an electric violin and clanging tambourines along with traditional guitar ascetics, they create a moody, sexually charged sound on songs such as “Infection” while truly encompassing every horror fan’s emotional state with the electrically gloomy opening number “Strange”.

    The musically ambidextrous (and exotically, stunningly beautiful) Ondine Quinn shares main vocal duties with the sweetly powerful Jack Cofer while sentimental pop support is offered from Seith Miller (whom live creates magic with a moody sexuality and quirky power) on songs such as “Stale Air” and a humorous travails of band life adventure (cutely) called “Dancey”.

    Meanwhile songs like “Boy” and “DJ” make one think of S and M galleries, Lou Reed and late night drives through Stephen King landscapes all at once-proving that this socially progressive band belongs on everyone’s play list not just those who like a little blood in their coffee every morning.

  • Clyde (1261 days)

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