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We believe that everyone should have equal access to information (including music) despite location, ability to pay, etc. Therefore all of the tracks that we list on our site are available to download for free. With that said, we are by no means rolling in money and everything we make as a band we put back into the band so that we can tour and make music. If you would like to support us by purchasing our stuff or you just want to kick us a few bucks then send us a message and we’ll let you know how to do that. Otherwise, download away!

To listen to any of the tracks, simply click the title. To download them, right click (or control click if you have a mac) on the link, select “save link as” and save them to your computer.

Winterband was our first EP, back in 2008 when we were a baby band. Here is a sample track as well as the full EP for dload.

Sample Track: Stale Air

Full EP: Spooky Qs – Winterband 2008


We released Rid of You in Spring of 2011 on Vinyl.

Sample Track: Mr.$

Full EP: Spooky Qs – Rid of you 2011


Our latest album, To the barricades, covers early resistance songs from around the world.

Sample track: Red flag

Full EP: Spooky Qs – To the barricades 2012


  • juno (2744 days)

    love all ur songs i think u guys are fucking A you should make more songs xx

  • Spooky Qs (2329 days)

    Thanks Juno!

  • Mahalia (2122 days)

    I love your music, you should definitely make more!

  • Rick (2082 days)

    I listened to all of your music this afternoon. Boy and Bread and Roses were the two I liked best.

  • site (2068 days)

    Almost all of the remarks on this particular blog page dont make sense.

  • Tank Girl (1165 days)

    It’s very alsom for music!!!!!!!!
    And that a french girl who say that!!!!
    Thank you!

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