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Happy new year!


2010 has been an eventful year for us as a band. Some of the high lights include going on our first tour, playing several amazing queer events such as Mondo Homo, the Lexington pride festival, EKU Pride and the radical queer convergence in Columbus Ohio, all of the awesome shows at Al’s bar, in Chicago and everywhere else, screen printing our merch, making new friends, and recording.

We hope 2011 is equally productive. We finally finished recording our second Album “Rid of you” which we plan to release on vinyl as well as digital downloads sometime by March of 2011. We have one show booked in January here in town but other than that we’ll be laying low and working on our third project, a cover album of pre 1922 resistance music.

We want to thank all of our fans, our friends – new and old, our families, our partners, the Lexington music scene, all the queers and everyone who has supported us this year. We couldn’t have done it without you.


The Qs

Busy Bees……. or Qs?


So it might seem like we’ve dropped off the face of the planet but we’re still here, I promise! We’ve been really busy trying to get our next album rid of you recorded. We’re finishing up the backing vocals and aux percussion and then we’ll be in mastering mode. So far it sounds great. Once the tracks are all finished will be sure to put them up on the sight.

In addition to recording we’ve been getting some shows scheduled for the fall. We’ll be heading to Columbus Ohio on November 13th to play a radical queer convergence organized by queer in flux. On December 10th we’ll be back in Chicago at the Jackhammer for the flesh hungry dog show. Hopefully there will be a few more in there too.

That’s all for now!


the qs

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